Latest Word on Division T-Shirts.
Gary will bring the shirts to our October Meeting. Cost for sizes up to XL is $8.50. XXL is $10.50. Above that is $13.50.
Seem to be nice shirts. Good compliment to our originals. (Thus quoth Gary.)

See proposal for Brookville's Victorian Christmas, November 30 thru December 3.

Indiana Mall Show

Check out the slightly revised notice regarding the show at the Indiana Mall.

At its formation in 1994, the Allegheny Plateau Division consisted of seven counties; Venango, Clarion, Forest, Elk, Jefferson, Clearfield, and Cameron, all in Pennsylvania. In 2008, Clinton County was transferred from Division 11 of the North East Region. Most recently, in September of 2015, five counties were transferred from the Allegheny Highlands Division of the Niagara Frontier Region. Those were Warren, McKean, Potter in Pennsylvania; Cattaraugus and Allegany in New York. In May of 2016, the Warren PA ZIP code area was transferred from Division 11 to Division 5, the Western Reserve Division.

The Allegheny Plateau Division holds 12 meetings each year, usually on the second Sunday of the month, often at the home of a member. The usual meeting includes an operating session, a Bring and Brag contest, and a business meeting. The meetings in summer months are often held in conjunction with special events, a pattern which is likely to continue in future years. Persons who are not members are welcome to participate as guests, although that welcome does not extend to holding elected office or voting on business matters. December is reserved for the division awards banquet. In recent years it has been held on a Saturday early in December. The date of the banquet depends strongly on the availability of a hall. In 2015, rather than a banquet, the division held an awards breakfast, due to the division's participatioin in Brookville's Victorian Christmas celebration.

In addition to the monthly formal meetings, members of the division customarily gather at a member's house on Thursdays; to pursue projects, assist the member in building or revising his layout, or simply to discuss matters of mutual interest. Often the Thursday gathering in the week or two immediately preceeding a meeting is at the house of the member hosting the up-coming meeting to assist him in preparing for the meeting. Coordination of these informal gatherings, insofar as there is coordination, is by e-mail.

The Allegheny Plateau Division publishes a monthly newsletter, the Keystone Corridor. A printed copy is available by subscription, see Keystone Corridor page for rates. At one time, the division had considered exclusive electronic distribution of the newsletter. That is still being considered, due to the ever-increasing cost of preparing a printed edition. No decision has been reached, but the issue is a live one. Until it is decided, subscribers may ask to receive their copy electronically as a pdf file by e-mail. See the newsletter page for more detail.

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