A request for help.
Here and there in the archive of newsletters, there are gaps. Some of those represent newsletters which were not published, for whatever reason. For example, if the July newsletter contains a note apologzing for not having sent out a newsletter in June, you can be pretty sure there wasn't a June newsletter that year.
There are two gaps marked "suspect there wasn't one" in 2005. There was nothing in the following months to indicate that no newsletter had been published. However, four members made their files of old newsletters available, none of the four had either of those two. It's hard to believe that four different people would have lost or mislaid the same two newsletters (but it could happen). Hence, the suspicion but not certainty that there was no newsletter in those two months.
But there are still unexplained gaps. If you have old newsletters, please look through them and see if you have any of these:
March, 1996September, 1996January, 1997
July, 1998September, 1998February, 2000
May, 2000January, 2001October, 2005
December, 2005
Also, the November 1997 copy available for scanning was missing two pages. Please notify Our Historian if you can supply a good copy.
If you have any of those newsletters, please get in touch with the webmaster to make arrangements to have it (or them) scanned for inclusion in the archive. You can send e-mail to the webmaster using the "contact webmaster" link at the bottom of this page. Just click on the little envelope (which won't work if you don't have your default e-mail program properly configured)